How To Wash and Clean Leather Jackets?

How To Wash and Clean Leather Jackets?

Leather jackets are must-have items in every man and woman’s wardrobe, they are expensive and pretty penny so they need extra care from you. The common question pops up in everyone’s mind that is how can we wash and clean our leather jacket that can go long? It is not a big deal here we will discuss how can you wash and clean your leather jacket by following simple and easy steps but always avoid putting your leather jacket into the washing machine.

What you should always avoid?

Always avoid using ammonia- or bleach-based cleaners to clean leather. Your jacket can be damaged and lost its finishing and cause the leather to get excessively dry or even crack. Don’t use too much water, either, as it can stain the leather.

How you can clean your leather jacket?

  • Mix 1/4 of warm water, one tablespoon of soap, and a couple of drops of vinegar.
  • Now dip a piece of cloth into it and wring it thoroughly, then clean your dye leather jacket with this cloth.
  • Now leave your dye leather jacket to be air-dried once finished.

What you should do if your leather Jacket gets stained?

If your leather jacket gets stained, you can immediately use one of the given items to remove the stain.

  1. Toothpaste: Toothpaste is the easiest way to remove stains from your jacket, you can take non-gel toothpaste on your fingertip and gently rub on the stain but avoid scrubbing it can damage the surface, after rubbing toothpaste you can wipe it off with a piece of cloth.
  2. Baking Soda and Cornstarch: If unfortunately your leather jacket gets greasy and oil stains, you can use baking soda and cornstarch, put it on the greasy stain then rub it with a piece of cloth once baking soda or cornstarch observes the grease or oil.
  3. Alcohol: Using alcohol is a great remedy to clean mold off leather. Take equal parts of alcohol and water, mix them then dip a piece of cloth and then clean the affected area then take another piece of cloth and wipe off again.

Keep your Jacket Protected in the Proper Way:

  • Always drape your jacket on a hanger in a cool and dry place when you are not wearing it.
  • Condition your jacket once a year if you want your leather jacket to go with you for years long.
  • If you don’t wear your leather jacket often, then keep it in a cloth bag.
  • If your leather jacket gets wrinkled, then take a towel place it over your jacket then iron it on medium heat.

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